BIA (Ft. Timbaland)

BIA kills this s**t.

On Twitter, I said that I prefer BIA over Ice Spice. While they have very similar sounds (Especially these days), I just think that the former’s deliveries are a little crisper and her lyrics are more dynamic. If BIA hasn’t impressed you yet, trust me, after you hear how she murdered “I’M THAT BITCH,” you will be putting Costcos-sized respect on her name.


Remember “She’s A Bitch” by Missy Elliott? Well, in “I’M THAT BITCH,” you get a flipped version of the classic song’s beat. Over it, BIA uses a feverish drill flow to practically proclaim that she’s lapping the field. Based on her competitive fire and the Timbaland co-sign (He drops a few adlibs in the song), b*tch, she might be that b*tch!

BIA is my favorite female rapper right now.

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