Dee Holt

A pop tune that examines an unhealthy relationship.

Montreal-based musical creative, dee holt, is an alt-pop artist who began her career on someone else’s instrument. With a long-standing passion for creativity, Holt grew up with the urge to follow it home. She sang along to her dad’s guitar, performed for her family, and studied music and art in high school. Once Holt began to seriously pursue a career in music, she connected with a local producer named Benjamin Nadeau. Under their new partnership, the artist released her first two singles, “Hardest Part” and “Olivia.” Dee is currently studying animation in college and continues to combine her love for music and art. Some of her biggest hits are songs like “Sober” and “Picture.” These, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Dee Holt’s latest drop is the pop single “Dishes.”

Uplifting guitar chords make “Dishes” sound soft, but this is a tough pill to swallow. While it offers a cheery soundscape, it’s a deep examination of an unhealthy relationship. Lyrics like “You can watch me do the dishes all day / Sit and wait for me to serve you on a silver tray” and “Oh, you really know just how to leave a bitter taste / When the timer rings, you’ll know it was not your place” reflect on the strain of a one-sided partnership. There’s just no equality anywhere; not in emotions or love itself. This hit is a powerful reminder that everyone deserves equality in their relationships. So, press play below and let the words of “Dishes” motivate you to move on from a draining partner.

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