Do It All

iann dior

iann dior is excellent at making modern pop-punk music.

I don’t think y’all understand how much I love me some iann dior. While I’m over here lying to y’all about blasting trap music, I’m really bumping dior’s last project, on to better things. With that being said, I am very curious to see what the Texas artist has in store for 2023. Today, he decided to return to the music scene with an exciting new single called “Do It All.”



In “Do It All,” iann dior talks about dealing with a chick that might be bipolar. She wants to sex him one minute, then the next minute she’s cussing him out worse than Fred VanFleet cussed out that one ref. iann is frustrated. The good news is this: The track doesn’t sound somber at all; instead, you get spirited vocals and an uptempo alternative pop beat that might f**k around and have you doing the hokey pokey. All in all, “Do It All” is scandalous and very fun to listen to.

Who are you choosing: 24kGoldn or iann dior?

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