Jabee & Havoc (Ft. Mistah F.A.B)

You get Godly raps in this track.

They don’t make rappers like Jabee and Havoc anymore. Not only do hip-hop fans love their gritty rap deliveries, but they also appreciate their ability to construct extremely vivid verses. In “Angels,” Jabee and Mistah F.A.B. trade verses over a Havoc beat.

“Angels” is powered by this intriguing hip-hop beat that screams out business as usual, to me. Over it, Jabee and Mistah F.A.B hit us with verses that remind us that with money comes problems and that with success comes haters. The consistent flows that F.A.B and Jabee rap with need to be appreciated. All in all, I rock with this authentic rap gem.

Give “Angels” a shot below.

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