90s Feel

Jay Dutch

A hip-hop track filled with warm, nostalgic vibes.

New York-based musical creative, Jay Dutch, is a hip-hop artist that started his career the same way as many others. Dutch first began writing poetry as a young child. By participating in talent shows and open mics, he was able to form a connection to his craft. Jay started his musical journey in 2019 and is currently connected to Diversity Music. In his work, he “is known for his distinct voice and unique poetic-type writing style with an abundant use of metaphors and wordplay.” Some of Jay’s previous releases include tracks like “Groove,” “About That Time,” and “Fantasy.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Jay Dutch’s latest drop is the hip-hop single “90s Feel.”

This new banger has warm tones and punchy beats to make it feel like a classic while keeping the message modern. In “90s Feel,” Jay Dutch tells us what makes life worth living and reminds us not to get distracted by what’s popular. Lyrics like “Only keep it classy / I invest in what I’m spending / Think it’s fashion when you flashing just because that s*** is trending” and “Can’t distract me on this path / My eyes stay focused on the mission” reflect on staying motivated for life’s never-ending grind. Dutch will not be swayed by the trendy or the cool; instead, he will be sticking to the straight and narrow, even if it’s the old-fashioned way of doing things. So, press play below to take a trip down memory lane with “90s Feel.”

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