50/50 Club

Messiah Kaine & Profit

Messiah Kaine and Profit are a deadlier one-two-punch than Steph and Klay.

Old-school rap is still alive and well; you just have to know where to find it. There are so many artists I come across on a daily basis that has bars for days and beats that knock harder than Jehovah’s Witnesses. They just don’t get the same exposure as the mumble rappers of the world. With that being said, two dudes that are epitome of old-school spitters are Messiah Kaine and Profit. Recently, the duo united for a new single called “50/50 Club.”

“50/50 Club” is powered by this hard-hitting, action-packed hip-hop beat (Produced by Champagne Made That) that might f**k around and knock the toupee off your uncle’s head. Over it, Messiah Kaine and Profit drop competitive, hungry, and hood-reflective bars that will resonate with anyone who has dreams of making it big through rap. While Profit relies mainly on aggressive deliveries, Messiah relies on great wordplay and pure coolness. Overall, “50/50 Club” is a  hip-hop gem.

Give “50/50 Club” a shot below.

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