A pop tune that will have you grooving.

Romanian musical creative, Mara, is an up-and-coming singer and songwriter. There’s a simplicity to her mission: This artist hopes to make a “massive impact on pop dance music.” Mara prefers to go for “a solid electronic pop sound full of driving beats and vibes custom-made for the dancefloor.” This is all in order to give her listeners a “true pop dance gem.” As a result, she has become an artist worth checking out. Mara’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Her freshman song is “Nevermind.”

With a backdrop of bouncing beats and electrifying pop elements, “Nevermind” is always dance-ready. However, this song isn’t just made for the dance floor; it’s also a romantic hit. Lyrics like “Even if you’re here no more / I’ll find another way / To beat slow in your core / And love you anyway” and “I need you here tonight / Over my body / Baby you’re still on my mind / My kind of party” explores a woman’s passionate night with a special someone. This sweet and sexy narrative creates feelings that just cannot seem to go away. We’re addicted to the one person that seems to have caught our eye after an incredible night. So, press play below to immerse yourself in the sensual vibrations before saying “Nevermind” to loneliness.

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