Charlotte Sands

A pop gem about holding onto hope during difficult times.

Nashville-based musical creative, Charlotte Sands, is a singer and songwriter who likes to take pop and smash it with folk. Sands’ unique style is “rooted in the storytelling of folk singer/songwriters.” As a result, she relies on “upbeat melodies with unabashedly honest, self-reflective lyrics.” The artist’s personal goal is to “create a safe space for people to feel accepted and celebrated for their weirdness and diversity.” Of course, this makes Sands an incredibly relatable figure to modern generations, and she embraces her weirdness in a manner similar to Billie Eilish. Charlotte’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. Her recent drop is the pop single, “Alright.” The song also has a live performance video.

By starting out with an intimate backdrop of gentle instrumentals, “Alright” soon builds up to something much more uplifting. We soon understand its inspirational intentions. Lyrics like “I trust my horoscope more than I trust myself / Keep feeding my ego when I should ask for help” and “Don’t know where prayers go, but I’m still scared of hell / No, I’ll never be alright, but maybe I’ll get close” explores life’s uncertainties while offering a hopeful reminder to keep going. This is a hit dedicated to our worse moments in hopes of getting to something better. While things may seem hopeless, there is an upside if we’re patient enough to find it. Even if we won’t ever be perfectly okay, things can still be alright around us. So, press play below to experience a radiant dose of positivity to be “Alright.”

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