In Pieces


Chlöe’s new album is coming in hot.

Chlöe is entering Dos Equis status: She’s becoming the greatest woman in the world! Not only is she starring in critically-acclaimed television shows, but she is also on the verge of dropping off her highly-anticipated debut album. Guess what I just found out today: Chlöe also knows how to play the damn piano! In her latest single, “In Pieces,” she sounds like a brown-skin Alicia Keys.



Throughout “In Pieces,” Chlöe uses gorgeous, touching, and passionate vocals to explain why there’s only one person in the world that can fix her when she doesn’t have it all together. The percussionless track features four minutes of pure passion and vulnerability; so much so that I am ready to give her Dr. Phil’s phone number.

Check out the very impressive “In Pieces” below.

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