Matthew Skyy (Ft. STP Los)

Matthew Skyy flies high on his haters in this track.

Matthew Skyy is an Atlanta-based, Haitian-American rapper that clearly has a sound that the new school loves. While he mainly relies on Baby Keem-Esque rap deliveries, his beat selection is unpredictable and his verses usually sound hungrier than Hippo. Some of Matthew’s biggest hits are “FreakShow,” “Go Down,” and “want me.” His latest single is “Going.”

Matthew Skyy and STP Los both talk their s**t in “Going.” In the song, which features this bass booming beat that has these exuberant horns that will make you think that folks are about to be crowned champions for something, the two rappers brag about their loyal friends, pimpadocios ways, and street-certified statuses. While Matthew relies on a boisterous style of sing-rapping, STP’s style of rapping is definitely on the grungy side. All in all, I think “Going” is an undeniably good banger.

Give “Going” a shot below.

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