Dream Work Freestyle


A hip-hop track that will push you to achieve your dreams.

Compton musical creative, Cerdarious, is also known as CJ. While growing up in a big family in the city, this artist was exposed to the “unpredictable nature” that comes with city life. However, his experiences never tainted his love for Compton. Cerdarious’s music is shaped by his family’s hardships and friends that “succumbed to the harsh realities of life.” His discography is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Cerdarious’s debut single is the hip-hop track “Dream Work Freestyle.”

“Dream Work Freestyle” provides a dynamic soundscape to complement the track’s hard-hitting, personal reflection. It’s all about what one is required to do to stay in the game. Lyrics like “Imma keep it moving / I’m never staying idle / Trying to be my biggest hater’s kid’s fucking idol / Turning every hero that I had into a rival” and “Looking for role models, but nobody play they roles so I’m loyal to myself” tells a story of pushing through the never-ending grind to succeed in the rap game. The song is full of clever wordplay, sharp jabs, and the mentality required to carry the artist to the top.

Give “Dream Work Freestyle” by Cerdarious a shot below.

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