Eleanor Asks Don't "Waste My Time"

Waste My Time


I swear, this romantic tragedy made me cry. 

Ontario-based singer and songwriter, Eleanor, is a breath of fresh air within contemporary R&B. Her airy, sultry vocals mix with her infectious, mid-tempo R&B beats. This sweet and stylish combination helps her capture the vulnerability that is usually found in the painful side of love. Her musical style and vocals will remind fans of artists like SZA and Kali Uchis. Eleanor’s popularity has soared to new heights since her debut. She has released singles such as “Explanations Intro” and “Make Sense” in 2022, along with “So So” and “Waste My Time” this year. Her discography is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Eleanor’s latest single, “Wate My Time,” is emotional and heartbreaking.

“Waste My Time” is an R&B single with clear influences from soul and indie genres. The slow-tempo beat with the laidback guitar riff and synths set an emotional tone as Eleanor bears her fears of intimacy and rejection. However, the entire message is meant to make us feel more inspired than worried. Eleanor prefers to remind us of many different aspects of a potential relationship. Even the thought of rejection is frightening, let alone the anxiety that comes with having a crush. But that means you shouldn’t waste any more time hoping or waiting. Instead, she subtly encourages you to take a step forward. So, press play below to learn exactly what it means to “Waste My Time” in a potential relationship.

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