A sweet and soulful R&B tune that explores love.

Dolton, Illinois-based musical creative, Keonté, is formerly known as Neko Neezy. Keonté is a rapper and singer who knows the industry inside and out. The singer grew up surrounded by great music and musicians such as Michael Jackson, Prince, and Usher. After finding inspiration in his faith and love for art, Keonté uses “his storybook style lyrics” and “articulate hip-hop verses.” Additionally, he employs distinctive vocal styles to give an inspirational voice to the voiceless. In noting the unique “blessing” that is music, the artist states that “everybody got a story to tell.” Some of his own stories are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Keonté’s latest drop is the R&B single “LOVE SONGS.”

Yes, of course, “LOVE SONGS” is a song all about love, but this new style of it might have something else to offer. The beautiful R&B background and the genre-bending elements help to let us feel like we’re floating. Lyrics like “I can never picture me and you going on our separate ways / I want you, and that’s all I gotta say” and “Anything you wanted you can have, and you know it / I’ll do it all for you / I could live a thousand lives, every time I would fall for you” offer up plenty of heartfelt declarations of love. The background fits the message, and there’s nothing undermining or subtly harmful in the lyrics. It’s just a simple, sweet little song of adoration. So, press play to experience the power of a genuine connection with “LOVE SONGS.”

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