Short Ride

Lewis Fitzgerald (Ft. wewantwraiths)

An R&B single that reminds us to live life to the fullest.

UK-based musical creative, Lewis Fitzgerald, is a rising singer and songwriter who turns internal problems outward. Of course, this all happens with the help of his music career. Fitzgerald notes that he makes “music to help deal with his own issues, and he expresses them into songs.” As a result, he’s become a bit of a shining light for those who struggle with similar issues. Some of the singer’s previous work includes tracks like “Love Me,” “Closure,” and “Ashamed.” These, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. For his latest drop, “Short Ride,” Lewis Fitzgerald teamed up with fellow artist, wewantwraiths. The new tune is also accompanied by an official music video.

“Short Ride” is emotionally charged, bold, and serves as a reminder that you aren’t going to get far by living low. Lyrics like “Don’t waste a minute, you got no time / Change gears, cause when you’re gone, you’ll get remembered for the way you lived a little reckless, darling” and “You’ve met the hangman and you know what he’s like / So, just tell me it will be alright” vulnerably reflect on loss, regret, and the dark thoughts that can plague our minds. However, it also serves as a piece to make sure we don’t waste our time on this earth. This powerful reminder to “live fast and die young” is sometimes the only push we need to get going. So, press play below to go on an unforgettable “Short Ride.”

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