Skin of a Fool

MIIA ft. Vaarin

A pop gem about opening yourself up to emotions.

Norwegian musical creative, MIIA, is a singer-songwriter who has her own Fandom Wiki page. She is a child prodigy in terms of artistry. MIIA first began singing at five years old. When she was 14, she was signed to her first label, Position Music, after which she began to release her own pop singles. The singer’s pop track, “Dynasty,” became a big success, earning her plenty of streams on Spotify and views on YouTube. Eventually, MIIA decided to separate from Position Music. She ended up signing to her uncle’s label, J Ryggs Records. Her discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Most recently, MIIA teamed up with Norwegian artist, Vaarin, for the pop single “Skin of a Fool.” The song also has an accompanying official music video.

While this doesn’t seem like a song that would encompass pounding drum beats and cinematographic vibes, “Skin of a Fool” does exactly that. This song and the video is melancholic and magical with a soundscape meant to dazzle. It’s a reflective piece with plenty to think back on later. Lyrics like “It’s too dark in here for me to see the way out / My way out / It’s so hard to find what’s on my mind” and “No one understanding my head / I don’t talk to myself like a friend” intimately explore difficult inner struggles. What is it all for? This artist sings to try and relay her issues to others, but also to make sure she’s heard somewhere in the fog. So, press play below to experience a vulnerable tale of emotions and strength with “Skin of a Fool.”

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