Fight The Feeling

Rod Wave

I needed a good cry today…

While your favorite rapper is flossing their ass off and talking about smashing 100 women, Rod Wave is in the stu talking about broken hearts and s**t; that’s why I love this guy! Rod Wave’s latest single, “Fight The Feeling,” will remind you of the days when you were in the “middle of a club crying to a love song.”




Who the f**k is making onion soup in the trap? In “Fight The Feeling,” a track that boasts this emotional beat that is filled with touching piano keys and slight trap vibes, Rod Wave sings passionately about the myriad of emotions that come with going to the club with a broken heart. As someone who has gone to LIV after a breakup, I can admit that Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” almost had me reaching for my dusty-ass drink napkin.

The way Rod Wave continuously sings “to a love song” over and over again >

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