6ix9ine (Ft. Lenier)

The 6ix9ine hype has died down quite a bit. After exploding onto the music scene with gang members, Skittles hair, and tons of beef, he has seemed to embrace a quieter life. Like, before the LA Fitness incident from a few weeks ago, 6ix9ine hasn’t really been in the news much. Maybe his attackers beat some motivation into him. Anywho, today, the “GOOBA” rapper decided to release an emotional new single with Lenier called “Bori.”




6ix9ine leaves his outside voice, English, and beefs behind for “Bori;” instead, he relies on infectious melodies, Spanish, and touching lyrics. While Lenier is the one that sets the tone for the song with his great vocal performance, 6ix9ine holds his own with his own passionate verses.

In the music video to “Bori,” 6ix9ine can be seen giving money to people on the streets of Cuba. He also shows supposed footage of his hospital stay from a few days ago. I’m not going to lie, it’s touching to watch.

I won’t believe 6ix9ine is a changed man until he cuts that damn hair.

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