Softest Touch


I was one of Khalid’s biggest fans. When he first came out, I feel like he was making hits nonstop. While I wouldn’t say that he’s become a worse singer, I’m just not checking for his s**t like I was in the past. With that being said, Khalid’s only 25 years old, so he has plenty of time to have his second 15 minutes of fame. Today, the Jaylen Brown look-alike returned to the music scene with a vintage-sounding track called “Softest Touch.”




In “Softest Touch,” a track that is powered by this 80s-like beat that I can see folks dancing their asses off to in a Soul Train line, Khalid sings about dealing with someone who has their fair share of baggage, but also a touch that can make his toes curl up like a spider that got sprayed with some 409 (Do y’all do that too?). As expected, the Georgia native gifts us with nurturing vocals and intoxicating melodies. All in all, “Softest Touch” will be perfect to play the morning after some action with someone you love (Do not play it while being with someone that is a jumpoff, please).

Why is Khalid dressed like a cheap bathroom mat on the artwork up top?

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