High Price

Morray & Lil Tjay

Lowkey, Morray has been dropping a bunch of high-quality bangers as of late. The biggest thing that I f**k with about his music is how much passion he displays in his songs. It’s almost like the Fayetteville rapper treats every song like it’s a Game 7. With that being said, this past Friday, Morray decided to drop another impactful banger called “High Price” with Lil Tjay.




In “High Price,” Morray and Lil Tjay talk about the obstacles that come with being in a serious relationship with them. While the former blesses the track with infectious melodies and tons of passion, the latter plays it cool by hitting us with sly bars and braggadocios lyrics. What ties everything together is the dramatic production that boasts these touching piano notes and booming 808s.

Give “High Price” by Morray and Lil Tjay a shot below.

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