Trent Monroe Claims He Had "No Choice"

No Choice

Trent Monroe

New York-based singer-songwriter, Trent Monroe, uses his Caribbean roots and love for God to bring something fresh to the R&B genre. Trent’s ability to touch fans comes through his emotional lyrics about heartbreak, love, and his journey with Christianity. He has been releasing music since 2018, and really hit the ground running with his debut album, The Room, in 2020. Trent’s entire discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. His latest single is “NO CHOICE.”

“NO CHOICE” incites fans with its addictive Afro-pop and R&B vibes. Content-wise, it captures Trent’s struggles with a toxic partner. He reflects on the past and realizes everything he thought was love was a lie. Eventually, Monroe realizes his worth and leaves. This song gives off the message that you don’t deserve to be a second choice. If your partner treats you like one, then get up out of there.

Give the very infectious “No Choice” by Trent Monroe a shot below.

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