Out of My Mind


Kansas City-based musical creative vinny. (aka Vincent Espinosa), is an independent artist that you need to pay attention to. In his work, vinny. has collaborated with Billboard artists and has given live performances. His unique style offers dynamic storytelling to immerse his listeners in a new environment. Combining “catchy melodies and interesting lyrics,” the artist crafts songs that will create new fans. Some of his previous tracks include “Finessed,” “Options,” and “Addict.” vinny.’s latest drop is the hip-hop single “Out of My Mind.”

With an instantly immersive backdrop of easygoing beats, “Out of My Mind” provides the perfect, melodic, and mellow soundscape to complement the track’s heartfelt exploration. Lyrics like “take my heart, you tore it apart / Now I’m going down the highway speeding / Still battling these demons” and “yea, I’m trying to run from you / trying to run away from this place” reflects on letting go of an unhealthy relationship and the pain that comes with heartbreak. With its atmospheric sounds and plenty of powerful declarations, vinny. gifts us with an emotionally charged up breakup tune that’s truly impactful. So, press play and let the words of “Out of My Mind” remind us to move on from a toxic partner.


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