I didn’t get to do full reviews for these albums, but I did get to listen to them!

Juicy J – Mental Trillness

Juicy J has started 2023 with a bang. This past Friday, he dropped an 18-track project called Mental Trillness. In it, he goes toe to toe with artists such as Finesse2tymes, Xavier Wulf, La Chat, Aleza, and Slimeroni.

Just like he does on his other albums, Juicy J talks his s**t nonstop in Mental Trillness. At the same time, he incorporates elements of mental health into some of his verses. As expected, the beats he does his work over sound like some classic Three Six Mafia s**t (Honestly, the beats might be the best thing about the project).

If you don’t have time to listen to this full album, I highly recommend that you at least give the Gangtsa Boo-assisted “Follow Home Robbers” track a shot. I think it pays homage to the fallen Boo perfectly.




Royce Da 5’9 – The Heaven Experience EP

Royce Da 5’9 is a God-Level MC; that’s not my opinion, that’s a fact. Nearly every time he hops on a mic, he blows me away with his astute wordplay and killer punchlines. This past Friday, the Detroit rapper decided to gift us with a six-track project called The Heaven Experience – EP.

Though The Heaven Experience, EP has only six tracks, it’s still full to the brim with amazing punchlines, mind-boggling flows, crazy wordplay, peculiar beats, and both meaningful and hella competitive lyrics. Here’s the biggest kicker about the project: It features your boy Redman!




Lil Wayne – I Am Music

One of the greatest rappers of all time, Lil Wayne, has decided to remind you how good he is by releasing a new greatest hits album.

I Am Music covers Lil Wayne’s hits from about 2004 and up. It also doesn’t have any s**t from his mixtapes. While I think you can add his whole Tha Carter III album to this project, I do like how it pays homage to the songs Wayne made after his prime was over, such as “Uproar,” “No Worries,” and “Drop The World.” If you want a quick reminder of how huge Lil Wayne was when he was poppin, look no further than this mixtape.




Luh Tyler – My Vision

I heard about Luh Tyler just about two weeks ago. I watched a video of his that went viral. In it, he almost accidentally clowns NBA YoungBoy for promoting the whole “Stop The Violence” movement. What I learned from my research on Tyler is that he is going to blow up really soon.

This past Friday, Luh dropped his debut project, My Vision. Throughout it, the 17-year-old raps with a strong southern twang and brags about how trill and cold-hearted he is. Overall, I like the confidence he spits with, how relentless he sounds over beats, and his overall carefree demeanor. I know some of y’all are disappointed that I didn’t decide to do a full review of this album; don’t worry, he’ll have several opportunities to get his s**t reviewed by me in the near future.




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