Kiana Ledé & Ella Mai

I know this sounds horrible, but I am a major fan of sulky R&B music; preferably from female singers. Not only is it usually relatable, but I also feel like that’s where you get some of the purest emotions. Today, two female R&B singers that are killing the game right now, Kiana Ledé and Ella Mai, decided to release the extremely juicy “Jealous.”



In “Jealous,” Kiana Ledé and Ella Mai keep it 100 about feeling as neglected as one of Luka Doncic’s teammates when it comes to their respective relationships. Though the song boasts smooth production, passionate vocals, and gorgeous melodies, it’s the candid lyrics that move the needle for me. Like, throughout, Kiana and Ella sound pissed, thirsty, and like women who respect game.

If you are in a relationship with Kiana Ledé or Ella Mai and treat them like they are less than, you must have Rubi Rose on your roster (That’s the only thing that will make sense to me).

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