Free All The Lifers


Do you know what’s extremely sad? Mozzy will be in jail at the same time that his hometown Sacramento Kings will start their 2023 playoff run; their first in a whopping seventeen years. I’m sure he doesn’t care all that much, but hey, Sacramento’s name doesn’t get brought up often in this current world that we’re living in. Anywho, today, Mozzy decided to drop a new single called “Free All The Lifers.”




“Free All The Lifers” is harder than trying to get Angel Reese to go to the White House. First and foremost, the song is powered by this mean-ass hip-hop beat that would probably turn Babar into a gang-banger. Over the beat, Mozzy raps about getting respect from the streets, ducking shaky women, and being ridiculously loyal to his homies. As expected, the 35-year-old rapper not only hits us with a feverish rap style, but he also leaves the singing for the birds.

Free Mozzy! He’s one of the few rappers I feel doesn’t belong in jail.

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