Search & Rescue


Drake is back and creepier than ever!

OK, 2023 in music has officially started. Today, Drizzy Drake Rogers returned to the music scene with a brand new single called “Search & Rescue;” his first solo release of the year. The interesting thing about the timing of the song’s release is that yesterday marked the seven-year anniversary of “One Dance” coming out, one of the 36-year-old rapper’s most unique tracks to date. “Search & Rescue” is definitely on some generic Drake s**t, though.




Doesn’t “Search & Rescue” sound a bit dull, mate? In the song, which is powered by this dark trap beat that you might hear on a YouTube video that explains the beef between Chicago hoods, Drake uses a passionate/lethargic style of rapping/singing to explain why he needs a chick to take him off the market, out of the club, and off PornHub. Our hero never shifts gears at all; instead, he stays sounding like someone who needs to be rescued by an espresso shot. Here’s the thing, though: Somehow, someway we are going to find a way to tell people that this is the greatest track since sliced bread.

Was Drake out of line using that Kim K sample on this track? That s**t was cold!

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