Say hi to me.

Lil Seyi

A meaningful alternative tune that offers a powerful message.

Maryland-based musical creative, Lil Seyi, is an artist and producer with a track record that spans a mile long. The artist started producing his own work at an early age and collaborated on various projects as a producer before deciding to pursue a solo career. Seyi’s unique creations are “layered with creativity and positive messages that encapsulate his distinct personality and background.” Some of his previous releases include songs like “Evergreen,” “Denouement,” and “Tambourine.” His discography is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Lil Seyi’s latest drop is the alternative single “Say hi to me.”

When we say complicated and layered, we mean it. “Say hi to me.” is all about the upbeat and lively style of music that also doubles as a relaxing backtrack. Even the message is just as back-and-forth. Lyrics like “I used to like it here, now I feel guilty when I smile / don’t look up, eyes on the ground / cuz all I hear when they’re all around / is they don’t like you” and “I hope I look back on this song like / boy is you crazy / look at all the love that you had around you” vulnerably reflect on dark inner struggles while offering up optimistic reminders to keep going. It is supportive, sweet, optimistic, and somehow humbling enough to make us all remember what we’ve really got going on. So, press play below to let the words of “Say hi to me.” encourage you to push through the tough times.

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