Meccathemanhimself & S.Ó.L. “GIVE THANKS!?”

This is a classic, infectious rap hit that brings us back to simple backtracks and fast-spoken words.




A hip-hop track about appreciating life’s blessings.

Meccathemanhimself is an artist who enjoys the individuality that comes with being a musician. This is a man who doesn’t allow others to tell him how to make songs or how to market himself. In other words, Mecca runs off of his own desires and ensures that everyone knows he marches to the beat of his own drum. Mecca’ shows off his unique sound “by displaying his talents with his own style and grace using his own cadence and pace.” Some of his previous work includes tracks like “Zero Dark Thirty,” “Spongebob Freestyle,” and “Hold ME Down.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. For his album, S.Ó.L. M.E.C.C.A., Meccathemanhimself teamed up with artist S.Ó.L. for the hip-hop track, “GIVE THANKS!?.”

“GIVE THANKS!?” is catchy and self-reflective enough to make us consider what we’re hearing and apply it to our own lives. It feels real. Lyrics like “Hey, I got my bills paid / Yes lord / Pass me a blunt, gotta get the stress off” and “I know it ain’t enough, it’s some temporary healing / Happy ain’t a place, its a motherf***ing feeling” reminisce on appreciating the positive moments in life. This is our reminder to be thankful for the good we’ve seen and enjoy it while it’s here. So, press play below to remind yourself to “GIVE THANKS!?.”

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