F**k About You

Tyren Davis

A pop tune about moving on from an ex.

Musical creative, Tyren Davis, is a singer and songwriter who loves smashing genres together. The half-German, half-English artist’s unique style blends “classic pop with indie-sounding guitars and old school beat machines.” Tyren’s another young star who’s risen to the top. He first began writing his own work when he was just 12 years old. The singer dropped his debut single in December 2018. Some of his previous releases include tracks like “Don’t Throw It All Away,” “Love Song,” and “Fight The Crying.” His impressive discography is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Tyren Davis’ latest drop is the pop single “F**k About You.”

Though it’s classified as a pop song, this hit is soft and mellow enough to be deceiving. “F**k About You” is an emotional breakup tale that expresses the problems that have cropped up in a love. Lyrics like “We used to text every day / had something to say / Now we’re wasting away” and “She come and wrap around my heart like I want it / I don’t even wanna feel cuz we know the end” reflect on the pain that comes with heartbreak and letting go of a former flame. While it seems like it should be more intense, the softer beats help us feel more justified in our emotions. So, press play below to mend your broken heart with “F**k About You.”

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