Young Rich Man (Soldier Fields)

Neodotcom (Ft. DJ EFN)

DJ EFN sounds grungy and motivated in “Young Rich Man.”

NeodotcoM is yet another rapper from Chicago that is highly regarded. What I think hip-hop fans love about him is that he doesn’t sugarcoat s**t in his music; he gives it to you straight with no chaser. I also think hip-hop fans will appreciate his intricate, powerful, and exciting production. One of Neodotcom’s most recent releases is “Young Rich Man (Soldier Fields)” with DJ EFN.

“Young Rich Man (Soldier Fields)” is powered by a grungy, muddy trap beat. NeodotCoM matches the beat’s energy with verses that boast dynamic flows and inspirational lyrics that are supposed to motivate youngins in the streets to become success stories. As for DJ EFN, he simply opens up the track by introducing it in radio style. Overall, if you are a fan of hard-hitting and raw hip-hop music, I think “Young Rich Man” will strike a chord with you.

Give “Young Rich Man” by NeodotcoM and DJ EFN a shot below.

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