CA$H CAM is the coolest dude on the block (And it’s not even close).

Kansas City’s very own, CA$H CAM, is winning just as much as Patrick Mahomes these days. Besides his versatility as an artist, I think his fans also like how authentic he comes across. Some of CAM’s big’s hits are “Living In A Dream,” “New Chxppa,” and “Call The Cops.” His latest release is “LIKE, DAMN.”

The beat attached to “LIKE, DAMN” has so much boom to it, it just knocked my speakers out. Over it, CA$H CAM uses laidback deliveries and consistent flows to let the world know that he’s far from a snitch, that he woos chicks for sport, and that he has a relentless mentality when it comes to stacking bread. The reason we f**k with this track is that it has a very catchy hook and lyrics that only the trillest will be able to fully understand.

Give “LIKE, DAMN” a shot below.

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