Club Lowlife

Club Lowlife sounds like he’s on top of the world in this song.

Don’t let his name fool you: Club Lowlife is having the time of his life. Since emerging onto the music scene in 2017, the rapper, songwriter, and producer has dropped exciting singles like “PARTY WITH A ROCKSTAR,” “SUPER BOWL,” and “BAPESTAR!” Though CL’s latest single, “Feel,” is just as action-packed as his other ones, I do feel there are some elements in the song that really gives you a chance to know the kind of person he is.

The first thing that will catch your attention about “Feel” is the bouncy emo-trap beat. That s**t will get you amped the hell up. Club Lowlife does a good job of matching the beat’s energy with a rebellious vocal performance that pairs perfectly with his lyrics about his major come-up, his Nascar-like whips, and his sexy-ass women. If you are a fan of energetic music that oozes inspirational words, “Feel” is definitely for you.

I need to hear “Feel” at a lit-ass party in downtown DC.

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