Another week, another group of hot-ass releases.

Curren$y & Jermaine Dupri – For Motivational Use Only Vol. 1

Lebron James: I always knew Curren$y and Jermaine Dupri would make a joint album.

In all seriousness, this is some random-ass s**t. While Curren$y is from New Orleans, is 42, and is dull as hell, Jermaine Dupri is from Atlanta, 50, and pretty boisterous. With that being said, for some odd reason, this combo works well! While Curren$y does most of the heavy lifting on For Motivational Use Only Vol. 1 (He raps 80% of the time), Durpi plays the perfect hypeman. Also, the latter hooks the former up with a wide variety of beats that elevate his sound. Overall, I like what I heard.




Gucci Mane – 1017 Up Next EP

When it’s all said and done, Gucci Mane will go down as one of the best hip-hop executives of all time. These past couple of years, he’s signed some of the most talented trap rappers in the game. It looks like Gucci isn’t done signing folks. This past week, he dropped a six-track project that features a bunch of freestyles and some instrumentals that potential rappers can hop on. I already sent Gucci my audition tape.




Blac Youngsta – Blac Sheep

Blac Youngsta is a crazy muthaf**ka. Don’t sleep, though, he makes pretty solid music too. This past Friday, Blac returned to the music scene with a new thirteen-track album called Blac Sheep. As expected, throughout the project, he does the most. Not only does he incriminate himself quite a bit, but he also lets the world know what he considers p.

The beats on this album are excellent. Most boast emotional trap vibes that you might hear on an episode of Law & Order: The Trenches. As for Blac Youngsta, I wouldn’t call his performances amazing (I don’t love his flows or lyrical content); however, he’s extremely animated, which translates to entertainment. But to sum it up, there’s nothing special about this project.




Mozzy – Kollect Kall

I hate that Mozzy is in jail right now. I feel like he just started getting his respect in the game. Thankfully, Mozzy’s camp has continued to release new music from him. This past Friday, we were able to get a six-track project from the 35-year-old. What you get on it is soulful (“WE ACTIVE” and “HOLE IN MY HEART”), raw (“IT’S OVER”), and gritty (“FREE ALL THE LIFERS” and “EVERY NIGHT”) music. What I love is that every single word that comes out of Mozzy’s mouth sounds authentic as hell; whether he’s talking about sliding, losing friends, or doing time. Overall, Kollect Kall feels unapologetically street.




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