Cringe (remix)

Estella Dawn

Estella Dawn has one of the most beautiful voices in the industry. 

San Diego-based musical creative, Estella Dawn, is a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Her name has popped up a number of times on our site. Dawn is known for her “unwavering confidence and boldly passionate deliveries.” The New Zealand-born artist’s unique pop sound combines “divinely striking vocals” with “her ability to faultlessly unite elements of piercing delicacy and outright ferocity” for captivating, genre-transcending tunes. Some of her recent releases include songs such as “Orange,” “Follow,” and “Not A Problem.” These, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. Estella Dawn’s latest drop is the pop single, “Cringe (remix).”

In the rhythmic “Cringe (Remix),” Estella Dawn lets it be known that you should never be taken advantage of by your partner. Lyrics like “I gave you all I could / You buried yourself beneath my kindness” and “I fell from the sky deep blue / Drained my soul just to color you / And, my god, I fell, I fell” reflects on past mistakes and staying loyal to a toxic ex. However, we’re soon reminded that we are worth more than them. It’s time to move on, and it’s time to find our own way forward without them. So, press play below to experience the stunning reimagining of “Cringe.”

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