A hip-hop track that reminds us to keep grinding.

East London-based musical creative, Tubbz, is a rapper who crafts attention-grabbing tunes. Through his music, the artist reflects on “the struggles you may face while living in a busy city.” Likewise, Tubbz enjoys connecting with others “through music and shared experiences.” He says, “I believe the sense of community is vital to getting through the everyday struggle that is life.” Some of Tubbz’s previous tracks are “Factory,” “The Getaway,” and “What have you done?” His full discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Tubbz’s latest drop is the hip-hop single “Setbacks.”

In “Setbacks,” Tubbz tells us that he won’t settle for less when it comes down to the question of moving forward or staying in the past. Lyrics like “It’s just a setback / It’s not a big deal / But times are odd now / we’re looking for that quick meal” and “Life’s too short / Just trust me, you are wasting / Time, it doesn’t even matter if your patient / Not me, I will never stop” reminds us not to dwell on setbacks and to keep pushing through the hard times. This is our reminder to let go of the little things and not to be held back by whatever might come our way. So, press play below to learn how to brush off your “Setbacks.”

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