Hot Sauce

Fivio Foreign

I didn’t know that New York folks put hot sauce on their food (I know they f**k with duck sauce)…

Despite his fame rising, Fivio Foreign has found a way to remain one of the grittiest rappers in America. Right when I thought he would turn pop, he started dropping cold-ass street bangers. Fivio’s latest single, “Hot Sauce” might be his toughest release to date.



Fivio Foreign talks about shooting folks over and over again on this track. Matter of fact, he even says that he’s not Ja Morant; he will do more than flash his guns. Personally, I think it’s the dark and demented drill beat that powers the song that forced him to sound extra demonic. S**t, matter of fact, Fivio makes sure you hear every evil word that comes out of his mouth by hitting us with one of the slowest flows I’ve ever heard him use.

One of Fivio’s boys has to get him out of the streets.

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