Kahone Concept Admits "I Like You but Don't Talk"

I Like You but Don’t Talk

Kahone Concept

A pop track that begs listeners not to speak.

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Ben Orrvick, better known as Kahone Concept, is a pop artist and producer. By teaching himself how to play a multitude of instruments throughout his childhood, he began independently making music at the age of 16. A coder and lover of Costco hot dogs, Kahone built his own presence in the Pittsburgh scene as a DIY artist. His description is a mix of things: “If Coldplay and the Script had a baby with Kings of Leon and then only let the kid listen to 21 pilots and Catfish and the Bottlemen” (Wow). Kahone’s music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. His latest single, “I Like You but Don’t Talk,” has been dubbed the ‘Sassiest Song in the World.’ 

Have you ever liked someone but felt they talked just way too much? Well, Kahone Concept has put those exact feelings into a song. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a pop song as honest as this one. With a snappy and tuneful pop sound, he kindly tells us to ‘shut up,’ and yes, it is us he’s talking to. Personally, listening to the track, I was tight-lipped, not wanting to miss a single funny yet frank line. Oozing in truthfulness, it’s the perfect song to share with a loved one who just can’t take a hint. Hopefully, though, they won’t take too much offense and become mute. Anyhow, stream Kahone Concept’s “I Like You but Don’t Talk” to listen to a song that gives blunt a new meaning.

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