Rear View

NBA YoungBoy & Mariah The Scientist

NBA YoungBoy’s new release is an emotional R&B banger.

I agree with Druski, NBA YoungBoy is a scary-ass dude. With that being said, he does have a soft side that comes out quite a bit in his music. Today, the Louisiana rapper returned to the music scene with “Rear View,” a track in which he comes across as a gentle beast.



In “Rear View,” NBA YoungBoy and Mariah The Scientist bring up how being with them can lead to toxic experiences. Throughout the song, which boasts this emotional trap R&B beat, YoungBoy blesses us with vocals that switch between sounding fiery and subdued, while Mariah practically sounds tranquil the whole time. On some real s**t, this track kind of gives me “Movin’ On” with Silkk Tha Shocker and Mya vibes.

These days, I feel like R&B singers are R&B singers, while rappers are R&B singers.

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