6ix9ine (Ft. Angel Dior, Lenier & Bullin 47)

6ix9ine is far removed from his “GUMMO” days.

Ever since 6ix9ine got beat up at an LA Fitness in Florida, he’s been moving very differently. A few days ago, he released a Latin-inspired single called “BORI.” Both the song and the music video to it are heartwarming. Today, the New York rapper decided to return to the music scene with “WAPAE,” a festive track that draws inspiration from a few different cultures.



“WAPAE” will make you feel all good inside. For starters, the track boasts this high-octane/cultural/vivacious instrumental that encourages smiles, dancing, and good eating (Anytime I hear an instrumental like this, it makes me want to make myself a plate of Jolloff rice). Over it, 6ix9ine and featured guests Angel Dior, Lenier, and Bullin 47 bless us with colorful, passionate, energetic, and erratic vocal performances. As for lyrically, I can’t tell you what is being said mainly because I hear all kinds of languages. All in all, I like the vibes “WAPAE” boasts.

Let’s be real: 6ix9ine actually sounds like a semi-serious artist when he sings in Spanish.

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