Wayne Gretzky

NUBS, Odd Squad Family ft. King Dayo

A hip-hop track with an inspiring message.

Musical creative, NUBS, which stands for Normally Underestimated By Sight, is a hip-hop artist who crafts tunes unlike anything you’ve heard before. Though the artist was born with a rare condition that left him without arms and legs, he refuses to let any obstacles stand in his way. After discovering his passion for music, NUBS began “channeling his real-life struggles into his tracks.” One of his previous hits is the dark/touching song “I Surrender.” His discography is available on Spotify and Apple Music. For his album, Abled, NUBS collaborated with the other members of his hip-hop trio known as the Odd Squad Family. One of the tracks off the album, “Wayne Gretzky,” features artist King Dayo. The song also has an accompanying music video.

“Wayne Gretzky” is the motivational message to the dream that we all need to realize we can live. Lyrics like “I just been pushin’ the movement / No excuses didn’t get me what I got” and “I’m livin my dreams, ‘cuz I’m makin ’em happen / I ain’t one for cappin, I ain’t one for lackin” reflects on pushing through hardship in order to achieve your dreams. This is a reminder to not give up and a call to action to push further. Of course, this comes from someone who has experienced plenty of difficulties, and it’s inspiring to hear his story play out well. So, press play below to let the words of “Wayne Gretzky” inspire you to rise to the top.

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