Do It Again

Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates is having as good a 2023 as anyone else.

Kevin Gates has been dropping some heat lately. He’s also had some pretty solid guest appearances. Since Kevin has been producing at a high level, I think we can ignore his lies about starting a car battery with his hands and only drinking water for 42 days. The Louisiana rapper’s latest single, “Do It Again,” might be his hardest release of the year.



In “Do It Again,” Kevin Gates speaks on his resilient ways, reminding us that he has turned every losing situation into a winning one. The first thing that catches my attention about the track is the hook: It’s catchy, it’s gutter, and it sets the tone. As for the beat, it’s just as ferocious and gritty as Kevin Gates’ deliveries throughout. All in all, I think this is a track that moves the needle when it comes to tough-ass trap records.

Give “Do It Again” by Kevin Gates a shot below.

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