Don’t Let The Devil

Killer Mike (Ft. Thank You Good Sir & El-P)

Killer Mike and El-P drop godly bars in this song.

Killer Mike is on the verge of dropping his first solo project in ten years. Thankfully, Run The Jewels has been on their s**t these past couple of years, so we haven’t been deprived of his raps. For Mike’s latest single, “Don’t Let The Devil,” he recruits both Thank You Good Sir and his Run The Jewels running mate, El-P.



I don’t know what I like more: The beat or the two rap verses that we get in this song. The former is on some hard-hitting/holy/Kanye West-Esque s**t, while El-P and Killer Mike absolutely shine by hitting us with abominable flows, great wordplay, and lyrical content that will remind you that not the devil, your competition, or Dillion Brooks can block you from being the best version of yourself. All in all, you get hip-hop at its highest level in this gem.

Killer Mike is so underrated.

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