Ekelle Found Her "Flo"



Ekelle puts on a show here!

Toronto-based rapper and songwriter, Ekelle, has made a name for herself with her signature hood pop sound. Her confident, sexy lyrics mix with catchy, hard-hitting beats to make certified bangers. Ekelle’s hot, edgy persona will remind fans of Megan thee Stallion and other outgoing hip-pop artists. Her many bold songs are available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. Ekelle’s latest single is the new pop hit, “Flo.” The song also has an accompanying music video.

“Flo” is an energetic track with a catchy sound that fuses hip-hop, pop, and R&B elements. As the title insinuates, it “flows” with a perfect blend of everything, making it transition smoothly from one line to the next. This carries into the video as well. The production of the music video is excellent, but Ekelle is even better. Her consistent and natural tone blends too perfectly with the beat. This bad b*tch anthem empowers women to own their sexuality, sensuality, and attitude. If I’m being honest, Ekelle has the sound to become the next big thing and a voice to inspire a new generation. So, put yourself onto “hood pop” with Ekelle and press play below to learn about your own “Flo.”  

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