Put It On Da Floor


Latto’s carefree ways are exposed in this song.

Latto is a star. With that being said, I love that she still raps with a chip on her shoulder. Seriously, after dropping the very commercial-sounding “Big Energy,” she could’ve easily started chasing pop tart money; instead, she’s appearing on tough-ass songs like “Don’t Play Wit It” with Lola Brooke. Today, Latto decided to return to the music scene with yet another gritty banger called “Put It On Da Floor.”



In “Put On Da Floor,” as expected, Latto talks her s**t early and often. Over a beat that is on some trap Mortal Kombat s**t, she uses an aggressive rap style to put her competition in their places. She also brags about her bankroll and undeniable fame. Though the song sounds like a glorified freestyle, the hook is catchy enough to turn a club upside down.

Latto is never not talking s**t.

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