American Nightmare


Belly is one of my favorite rappers today.

Belly has been flying under the radar for the past couple of years. It’s a shame because I think he can rap his ass off. The good news is this: Very soon, Belly will release a new album called Mumble Rap 2. The first single from the project is “American Nightmare.”



“American Nightmare” boasts this triumphant Hit-Boy beat that will make you nod your head violently. Over it, Belly both ferociously and subduedly raps about welcoming smoke, dealing with chicks with bad priorities, and overcoming trials and tribulations. As usual, you will enjoy how the Arabian rapper surfs through the track with pure confidence, never backing down from a full-blown exploration. However, at the end of the day, the Hit-Boy beat is the star of the show here.

Belly’s next album will be executively produced by Hit-Boy (We might have an album of the year nominee, folks)…

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