Mezraa & KIN

This song will remind you to think outside of the “Numbers.”

Mezraa is a music producer from Montreal, Canada that creates soundscapes that are not only intricate but also represent who he is as a person. His beats usually give off cinematic feels, creating a next-level experience for music fans. One of Mezraa’s latest creations is “Numbers” with fellow Canadian artist KIN.

“Numbers” is a delightful mind f**k. For starters, the track boasts this futuristic, almost robotic beat that will f**k with the side of your brain that you don’t use much (You know, the one that can probably allow you to fly). Over it, KIN uses quirky deliveries and sturdy flows to drop lyrics that will make you think twice about where you stand in this world that we are living in today. Though the song is short as hell (It’s less than two minutes long), I do think it moves the needle very quickly.

Give “Numbers” by Mezraa and KIN a shot below.

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