Aieysha Haws

Aieysha Haws is yet another singer that can move mountains with her voice.

Aieysha Haws is a singer-songwriter from Toronto, ON that loves fusing R&B with hip-hop and soul. The biggest thing music fans will love about her is the passion that she sings with. In most of her songs, she pairs impactful vocals with introspective and powerful lyrical content. Some of Aieysha’s biggest releases are “Turmoil,” “Butterflies,” and “Zodiac Signs.” Her latest single is the highly-anticipated “INFINITY 4 U.”

In “INFINITY 4 U,” Aieysha Haws talks about going the extra mile for someone that she loves immensely. What I love is that throughout the song, which boasts this dramatic instrumental that sets the scene for an epic exploration, Aieysha relies on soul-clenching vocals and gorgeous melodies to find elaborate ways to describe what she feels in her heart. What makes this aspect of the song appealing to me is that everyone knows that it is extremely difficult to describe a love that has your heart in a stranglehold; Aieysha finds a way by letting her emotions pour out freely and honestly.

Give the very beautiful “INFINITY 4 U” a shot below.

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