Armani White (Ft. A$AP Ferg)

I can’t believe we’re in an era where Bow Wow’s music is getting sampled.

Do you know what I like about Armani White? He’s one of the few rappers in the game today that seems like he’s having fun. Most of the singles that I’ve heard from him have tons of energy and catchy hooks. This past weekend, the Philadelphia native returned to the music scene with an energetic new single called “SILVER TOOTH.”



“SILVER TOOTH.” flips Bow Wow’s “Take Ya Home” beat (Which I think is one of the greatest hip-hop beats of all time). Over it, Armani White talks his s**t nonstop. Not only does he brag about having tons of hits on his resume, but he also brags about having dimes and shooters on his payroll. As for A$AP Ferg, in his lone verse, he raps about the diamonds he has in his socks and the ass-shaking women that he has in his vicinity. If you like high-energy records, I think you’ll love how Armani and Ferg plow through this track sounding confident, cocky, and hella gassed-up.

Give “SILVER TOOTH.” by Armani White and A$AP Ferg a shot below.

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