First Show

Luh Tyler

Luh Tyler, babyface and all, is rapping harder than a lot of folks.

Florida has one with Luh Tyler. At just 17 years old, Tyler is moving the hip-hop needle by releasing some of the grittiest music I’ve heard in a while. Though he hasn’t quite worked with mainstream artists just yet, I think it’s a matter of time before Drake adds him to one of his albums. Tyler has decided to keep his momentum going by releasing a new single called “First Show.”



“First Show” feels like a freestyle. Throughout the song, which boasts this surprisingly gentle trap beat, Luh Tyler effortlessly raps about kissing Mary Jane, shutting down his competition, and being one of the most unique artists in the game. I love how he flies through the song relying on a consistent flow and simple punchlines. All in all, I think “First Show” is a great follow-up to Tyler’s recently released mixtape.

Is Luh Tyler the hottest rapper from Florida right now? B*tch, he might be.

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