In The Air

This is Lema & Man Like Maz

A fusion single filled with infectious beats.

Netherlands-based musical creative, This is Lema, is an international DJ and producer who found the industry without his family’s influence. After being adopted at the age of two, the Congo-born artist quickly became interested in music and playing instruments. Lema’s passion for a wide range of genres makes him a dynamic producer with an extensive skill set. His discography is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. For the three-track single, “Road Man Capsule,” Lema teamed up with multi-talented singer, songwriter, and producer Man Like Maz. One of Maz’s collaborations with This is Lema is the fusion track “In The Air.”

“In The Air” is vibrant enough to keep listeners moving. Also, it’s a fight song in its own right. Lyrics like “I pull up with like nine militants, and we fight to the end” and “You better know this, that I’m an OG / She couldn’t tell me that she didn’t notice” are delivered with plenty of passion. At the same time, there are many different ways to interpret some of Man Like Maz’s lyrics, which makes them unique to each viewer. There’s nothing to fear about a fusion single that seems to have it all. So, press play below to experience what it is like to be “In The Air.”

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