Doja Freestyle

Machine Gun Kelly (Ft. Cordae)

Top-notch rapping or nah?

You may not love Machine Gun Kelly’s current persona or Cordae’s albums, but you have to admit that they can both rap their asses off. On some real s**t, I can see them each holding their own in an intense rap battle (They would lose, but they can hold their own). In “Doja Freestyle,” a track that features MGK and Cordae, the two rappers go the hell off.



I’m not going to lie, I haven’t heard Machine Gun Kelly rap like this since his “Rap Devil” diss towards Eminem. His punchlines straddle the line between nerdy and clever, his flows are excellent, and his UK accent is amazing. As for Cordae, he closes out the song with a strong verse that has him sounding extra competitive and grown as hell. Though this song seems like a loosey, I hope it means we’ll hear new rap projects from the two (Especially MGK).

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